Top 10 services executed by Fit Hamesha


Ayurveda is being one of the world’s oldest historic healing system. Dr. Gaurav Jain is one of the finest medical practitionersthat deliver precise, personalized and root-cause treatment of weight loss diseases. The treatment is a complete combination of herbal and Ayurvedic medicines that are provided to your doorstep, along with customized diet chart and lifestyle advice.

Fit Hamesha with a mission to bring Ayurveda to every home is coming closer day by day in attaining their goal. Dr. Gaurav Jain the wellness coach and managing director have come up with new ideas to make people fit and healthy with his curative medication and tricky diet advice to lose the weight in just 2 weeks.

He has planned weekly webinars for the community to teach them how to play with your mind in losing weight.

Here is a list of top 10 services executed by Fit Hamesha –

  1. Personal Nutrition Counselling
  2. Family Nutrition Counselling
  3. Sustainable weight Management
  4. Food Sensitives
  5. Initial Nutrition Assessment
  6. Improving Lifestyle
  7. Herbal Ayurvedic Treatment
  8. Weight Loss Challenge in 2 weeks
  9. Weekly webinars
  10. .Healthy cooking classes 

The brand Jain Ayurveda has paved the way to challenge all the non-curable diseases to be cured over a short period.


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