Feet Me Up

feet me up

Feet Me Up is one of the biggest platforms that provides trendy and stylish shoe collection. It was basically introduced to provide a platform to the differently-abled children, wherein they can showcase their hidden talents. Feet Me Up has become a hope for these children who can stand on their own by proving their worth. The hand-painted shoes help them with their financial needs.


The main goal and idea of Feet Me Up is to provide support to these children by creating curriculum and activities especially for them. The aim is to make these God gifted children independent. Therefore the company comes with an idea of “Let’s Make Dependent Independent”.

The Face

Feet Me Up has collaborated with famous actor Karan Wahi who is now the face of the company. Another celebrity who has collaborated with Feet Me UP is Genet Verdi who is a makeup artist and philanthropist. She has always been involved with social works by helping others, and her generosity and humanitarianism have helped a lot in promoting the brand.

Feet Me Up feels proud in launching a collection by her name i.e. #gvcollection. We celebrate #gvcollection as her extraordinary character, versatility, and the Superwoman she is. The collection includes Dancing Panda, Life is Beach, Blue Unicorn, Doughnut Shoe, One in a Minion, Owl Shoe, Final Fling, MUA Shoes, and lot more.


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