Top 10 Motives of Ateos Foundation of Science


Ateos Education the foundation of science focuses on significant methodological and philosophical topics concerning the structure and the growth of science. We aim to help promote interdisciplinary cooperation. Moreover, the current trends in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry are the official Journal of Ateos Foundation of Science Education and Research. Our team strives to contribute to the sustenance, planning, and coordination of science and technology.

The top 10 motives of Ateos Foundation of Science Education and Research are as follows-

  1. Ateos aims to fill the gap between educational needs and the actual practical approach of the students.
  2. We help promote various online and offline programs thereby promoting science for the benefits and development of Indian Youths.
  3. We strive to develop a quality network of highly qualified eminent professionals from different fields such as pharmacy, science, and technology, medical and paramedical sciences.
  4. We offer the best cooperation in joining medical and health social work.
  5. Ateos promotes science, development, and research activity for skilled Indian youths in large sciences streams of all specializations.
  6. Undertaking, and promoting studies of problems related to the natural resources of the country.
  7. Our objectives are to endeavors in creating an informed public opinion on matters of science and technology.
  8. Moreover, we help promote and maintain liaison between science, humanities, and letters.
  9. In addition, we undertake publications of research papers, reports, journals.
  10. Unite with other learned bodies for the promotion and popularization of science.

Our main motive of the journal is to peer review and publish the latest advances as well as trivial approaches in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical chemistry research.


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