Top 10 Specialization,the Intuitive software Clobas Offers


Clobas, the one-stop destination prides a commendable track record. It is an all-in-one cloud-based solution designed to deliver online facilities for key functions. We provide the users everything they need to render an awesome eLearning platform. Clobas is the most efficient cloud-based learning management system integrated to boost continuous engagement and learning outcomes while being scalable and usable.

The top-10 specialization, the intuitive software Clobas offers –

  1. Deliver online classes
  2. Manage and run interactive webinars
  3. Knowledge centric platform for the learners
  4. Quick access & connect from anywhere, anytime
  5. Manage your LMS effectively
  6. Comprehensive Activity reporting
  7. No communication gap – multiple channel service provider
  8. Go-green, paperless, initiative
  9. Complete set of data availability
  10. 10.Scalable and user friendly education portal with mobile app

Clobas aims to empower educational institutions by connecting seamlessly, the administrators, students, teachers, parents anywhere and anytime. We strive to digitally transform campus management into a smart one in an easy, connected, and cost-effective way.

Our deep drill-down tracking functionality system allows us to create learning programs, track progress, generate summary reports on a centralized dashboard. Clobas is an interactive platform to manage and collaborate campus-associated tasks more efficiently in your comfort. The specialty of Clobas is its capability to be customized to cater to the needs of schools, colleges, universities, and e-governance solutions for governments.


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